International Research in Children’s Literature

How to Get Involved

There are many ways through which long-term and new members can support and contribute to the health and progress of the journal. Here, in no particular hierarchical order are some of them.

Ask your library to subscribe to the journal – or subscribe yourself

Subscriptions are a journal’s life-blood. Institutional subscriptions reach many scholars and make articles available to students, so please try to persuade your library board to support IRCL, in print, online, or both.

If you wish to take out an individual subscription, please check that you ask for IRSCL members’ discount. A bargain!

Translate an abstract

If you are willing to translate even one of the abstracts into your language, you would be contributing to a gradually growing data-base of international colleagues’ work. To avoid duplication, please contact the editors to let them know which abstract /language you would be willing to undertake. There is no time limit for these; we hope to build up the resource over the years.

Tell us about your book

If you are publishing a book, please make sure that you put us on your publisher’s list of key places for reviews, and let our reviews editor know.

Offer to review

If you are interested in reviewing a new book in your specialist area, please contact the reviews editor.

Submit a ‘note’

We are introducing a new feature in IRCL: ‘notes’, of up to 1,500 words, will include material of scholarly interest, or short, theoretical or academic, pieces which make their points succinctly and cogently without the leisurely, discursive unfolding of a traditional article.

Ask a question or make a suggestion

Please do not hesitate to let the editors know if you have any questions about submissions, or wish to propose ideas about future developments in the journal.

Post a conference announcement

We normally expect to have some space for conference announcements of interest to IRSCL members and other children’s literature researchers, and would be glad to try to fit in your announcement. Please bear in mind that material for the July issue in any year needs to be submitted by the beginning of February, and for the December issue by the beginning of July.

Recommend articles

Use the ‘Email’ facility for individual articles on the IRCL site to recommend articles to students or colleagues.

Download an article

If you are not a subscriber you can buy individual articles online. If you are a subscriber, downloading an article sends a message to your library that readers are using this journal, and that children’s literature has an impact.

and, last but not least:

Submit an article

IRCL publishes regular calls for papers, on this website, on the IRSCL list-serve, and on many other circulating lists. However, there is no need to wait for a call. The editors are always glad to receive articles, and are now beginning to develop a system whereby articles can be considered in a ‘rolling programme’, and, if accepted, published where there is space for more general items. Read more about how to submit an article on IRCL's website.

For more information about submissions, see the IRCL site.